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Human Eosinophil Peroxidase

Product Human Eosinophil Peroxidase
Product No. 700-03-002
Origin Prepared from human blood that has been shown by certified tests to be negative for HbsAg, HCV and HIV antibodies.
CAS Number 9003-99-0
EC Number
Batch No. 230410
MW 70 500 Da
Storage Stored below 0°C this lyophilized product is stable for years. Storage of the reconstituted form at 4°C for 2 weeks has no effect on enzyme activity. If solutions must be stored for extended periods of time, protein concentration should be kept above 1 mg mL-1, and the activity should be determined prior to use.

Test/Analysis Specifications Results
Appearance solid
SDS purity ≥ 95
Reinheitszahl A413nm / A280nm ≥ 1.0 (see UV/vis Spectrum)
Solubility Calculated with a molar extinction coefficient of 110.000 M-1cm-1 at 413 nm Reconstitution of 100 µg with 1000 µL distilled water gives approximately a 1.4 µM solution

MCD Assay 100 mM Phosphate buffer pH 7
10 mM NaBr
100 µM MCD (Monochlorodimedon)
100 µM HOOH
10 nM EPO

One unit of halogenation activity is defined as the amount of enzyme that halogenates 1 µmol of MCD min-1 at pH 7.0 and 25 °C.
results of the linear regression
model: y=a0+a1*x

a1/1 = 1.761
a1/2 = 1.534
a1/3 = 1.692

= 1.662 min-1 = 83.5 µM MCD min-1

117.7 Units mg-1
Guaiacol Assay 100 mM Phosphate buffer pH 7
100 µM guaiacol
100 µM HOOH
50 nM EPO

One unit of peroxidase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme that oxidises 1 µmol of guaiacol min-1 at pH 7.0 and 25 °C.
results of the linear regression
Model: y=a0+a1*x

a1/1 = 1.273
a1/2 = 1.362
a1/3 = 1.226

= 1.29 min-1 = 48.5 µM guaiacol min-1

13.75 Units mg-1

EPO stock solution was adjusted photometrically and a minimum of 11.7 Units
(= 117 Units per mg) were filled in each vial prepared for lyophilisation.
Solid lyophilisate per vial contains a minimum 100 µg active EPO + marginally amounts of salts and impurities (< 50 µg).

CAS No: 9003-99-0
CAS 9003-99-0



Handling: If you are not fully trained or are unaware of the hazards involved,
do not use these compounds! Do not take internally. Wear gloves and mask when
handling this product. Avoid contact by all modes of exposure.

Human Myeloperoxidase


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